Wake Up From The Non Dream


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Last thoughts
These were the last thoughts
of a fearsome soul
filled with avoided holes
Wet and swallowed

Earlier that day walking along the winding streets, the cold air brushes your face, wet leaves on the path, untouched by sunlight. Dark concrete, tall trees and lifeless houses. All you can think about is the destination. No stopping, you continue on confident in your beliefs, unable to be shaken by any external forces encroaching your senses.
You look up see a face you’ve seen before, but can’t recall where. Every face you pass on the road is a stranger to your singular focused mind.
Nobody smiles,
and neither do you.
Like your trapped in a cage,
that you built for yourself.
All for what?
The end.
Is this you?
The end.
Is this who you are?

Struggle and fight
What is it you are doing this for?
Are you conscious?
Wake up
from the non-dream

Don’t let yourself say
you missed your opportunity.
so if you want to be a better person
just know today is the day!

Take a big breath
Decide now
Embrace your true self and
live now
Are you strong enough to break through

You sit down in a small dimly lit room and look up to see a pair of shining looking back at you. Startled but still as a feeling of familiarity creeps over you like an invisible sheet covering your cold body. A muffled noise, like a language you know, breaths out and is frozen.
The eyes are looking straight through you and as you look deep into them you realize staring back at you is the face of everyone you ever knew.
Their eyes as piercing as the sun.
Then headlights,
all you see is headlights
cold water
now you know

As much as you made it
(Like this?)

Now is your chance
Now is your time
Don’t wait
Don’t you wait for nothing!
some old lie
you’ve been telling yourself
just so you can be
like everybody else.

You will succeed
if you try
Don’t let your dreams sleep
never let up
Or it will sink to the bottom of the ocean
with you


from 3, released July 10, 2015




INFLEXIONS Wellington, New Zealand

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