Making a Coffee


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Making a coffee
Making a coffee!

You want some coffee then just get in line
I’ll make your coffee but this one’s mine!

I live my life in a rush
that’s why I need this coffee
If I drink enough
everything will become the rush!

Working hard
what a rush!
Sitting down
what a rush!
Smashing cups
what a rush!
Cleaning up
damn the rush!

Come on!
Why is this taking so long!?


Just take your time to do it right
it will be good in the end
but if you rush so you mess it up
you’ll have to do it again

Making a coffee
Making a coffee!
I am
making a coffee
This is
Making a coffee!

I will keep drinking coffee
until no one can stop me
and I will never sleep
Break free! Immortality!

Lastly don’t forget the spoon!
Now the coffee is a meal too!


released February 14, 2015




INFLEXIONS Wellington, New Zealand

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